Sunday, 4 November 2012


I'm hoping for a better OCTOBER when September ends. Instead, it turns out to be the other way.
This is who I am in front of others..=)
And this is who I am when I'm alone.. =(  =|  =\ 

The first greeting from october is, my sister's problem.. She got into some kind of trouble and guess who is responsible to settle it..
and yeah.. 'really great'.. instead of studying for tests, i have to deal with the problem, and make calls to those who were unwilling to compromised!.. 

Not enough with that, THE ONE AND ONLY TRANSPORT THAT I HAVE WHICH EASE ME WITH EVERYDAY CLASS met an accident in the campus. 

(this pic is before accident)
minor scratches and bruises on me.. but MAJOR damage on my RXZ.. It can't move due to some gear problems..
I know, this may seems lika a small matter  to some of you.
Let me tell you why I consider THIS as a BIG PROBLEM to me.

FIRST: This is one hell of a motorcycle in its class (135cc) with expensives sparepart in the market, i mean    REALLY EXPENSIVES, you would prefer kancil than this bike. So far i've spent RM610 for the repairing cost and yet.. still in the workshop, not able to move an inch.. (-.-)

SECOND: "kan ade kete, pakai la".. yes I do have a car.. but, with the parking problem.. worried about the clamp which cost >RM100 to unlock.. Makin menyusahkan sebenarnya.

THIRD: "kan ade moto lagenda?. pakai la"

a) ROADTAX EXPIRED (16 August 2012)
c) renew roadtax --> need to have grant --> to make new grant with my name on it --> need to have "SURAT KUASA" (from mahkamah) --> to get it, minimum 6 month from the day of application --> and I haven't apply it due to some conflicts.
d) Roadblock everyday on my way back home. The other alternative road, always flooded due to heavy rain. There are only two way for me to get home safely, and now with this weather I only got that roadblock way. 

I'm tired of running from the roadblock everyday.
I'm tired of all the unsolved problems.
I'm tired of thinking how to solve it.
I'm tired of typing this thing.

may i have the strength to face everything.. amin..

p/s : this is just 20% of the probs.. *sigh*