Sunday, 2 December 2012

Like it or not.. It's ME!

Hello everyone!.. =D
This time, i would like to share something.. No more frustrating post.. =P


A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time. Everyone has their very own hobby, as for me, I prefer collecting diecast car models and to be more specific : 

I collected them since I was a little.
What makes me interested in them is the details of the workmanship on the car scales. 

CHILDISH?.. then explain to me, how a rare hotwheels with a value of > RM200 can be childish?
and how childish a 40 years old man with a room full of hotwheels can be?

But still i do not own those rare ones.. =P
Let me show you some of my babies..

these are some of it.. there were 3 more missing because i misplaced it.. later i find.. haha.. 
and there will be more to come.. I hunt for them once in a month.. for now, my hunting will be for the CUSTOM MADE HOTWHEELS like in the pic below : 

Each of these costs me about RM35 to RM60.. It is quite pricey but worth the buy.. =D

Rejected Again??

It has been a while since my last update.. =P
and now is the time..
november is kind of frustrating to me..
problems kept coming and neither 1 of them solved.. =(
the other thing continuously kept coming is ASSIGNMENT..
it tortures me to think that i have to go on doing something i don't like.. i'm actually tired of it but i have to.. i never get myself to have interest into CS231 Netcentric Computing and to be more specific, PROGRAMMING!
it doesn't matter to me whether it is Java, XML, C++ or whatever.. I HATE PROGRAMMING! 
i took this program because i thought i could run from programming.. all i got is regret..

 2 weeks ago, my group's project progress is rejected again and thus, no marks given.. we blacked out.. i have nothing to see in the future of using Netbeans throughout our project. This is all &%@&RX#!!!.. Another frustration!!

Last week we decided to change the whole thing and started using Ruby on Rails.. Thanks to Wan Ahmad Shah and Shaheer Iqmal who was willing to teach us how to use ruby.. 

and for now, i hope madam can accept it.. hopefully.. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012


As we know, there were plenty of web browser available for various platform.
The most familiar web browser is:
1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Internet Explorer

4. Opera

and many more..

BUT MY FAVOURITE BROWSER IS GOOGLE CHROME.. it is easy to use, fast, and easy to navigate within the browser. easy to access bookmark and many more great features.

here i attached a link to compare top ten browsers in every aspect provided.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


I'm hoping for a better OCTOBER when September ends. Instead, it turns out to be the other way.
This is who I am in front of others..=)
And this is who I am when I'm alone.. =(  =|  =\ 

The first greeting from october is, my sister's problem.. She got into some kind of trouble and guess who is responsible to settle it..
and yeah.. 'really great'.. instead of studying for tests, i have to deal with the problem, and make calls to those who were unwilling to compromised!.. 

Not enough with that, THE ONE AND ONLY TRANSPORT THAT I HAVE WHICH EASE ME WITH EVERYDAY CLASS met an accident in the campus. 

(this pic is before accident)
minor scratches and bruises on me.. but MAJOR damage on my RXZ.. It can't move due to some gear problems..
I know, this may seems lika a small matter  to some of you.
Let me tell you why I consider THIS as a BIG PROBLEM to me.

FIRST: This is one hell of a motorcycle in its class (135cc) with expensives sparepart in the market, i mean    REALLY EXPENSIVES, you would prefer kancil than this bike. So far i've spent RM610 for the repairing cost and yet.. still in the workshop, not able to move an inch.. (-.-)

SECOND: "kan ade kete, pakai la".. yes I do have a car.. but, with the parking problem.. worried about the clamp which cost >RM100 to unlock.. Makin menyusahkan sebenarnya.

THIRD: "kan ade moto lagenda?. pakai la"

a) ROADTAX EXPIRED (16 August 2012)
c) renew roadtax --> need to have grant --> to make new grant with my name on it --> need to have "SURAT KUASA" (from mahkamah) --> to get it, minimum 6 month from the day of application --> and I haven't apply it due to some conflicts.
d) Roadblock everyday on my way back home. The other alternative road, always flooded due to heavy rain. There are only two way for me to get home safely, and now with this weather I only got that roadblock way. 

I'm tired of running from the roadblock everyday.
I'm tired of all the unsolved problems.
I'm tired of thinking how to solve it.
I'm tired of typing this thing.

may i have the strength to face everything.. amin..

p/s : this is just 20% of the probs.. *sigh*

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Internet or internet?

Hello everyone, this post is kinda late but at least better late than never right?.. Hehe.. Ask yourself, do you ever care about the difference between Internet and internet?.. No?.. Never?.. Try to care and be unique!.. What i meant by 'unique' is to be the one who knows how to differentiate the internet from Internet. Not everyone knows right?..RIght?..RIGHT?!..

Basically, internet with i is a network of networks like LAN. Gamers will be quite familiar with this (LAN) term. For example, if you are having a LAN connection and had a bunch of PCs connected together and all playing in the same game together, that is internet.

From what I understands, Internet with CAPITAL I, is the global network connected internationally. It is a large scale implementation of an internet and consist of many networks of internet.

An internet.The Internet. It is as simple as that. =)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Netcentric?? Never heard of it.. What is that?

Anonymous : Blaja kt mana skang?
Me              : Uitm Shah Alam.
Anonymous : Amik kos ape?
Me              : Netcentric Computing.
Anonymous : Netcentric?.. Gapo dio tuh?


Netcentric students sure understand.. 
Because of the unawareness, we already got our part-time job with no salary which is to tell everyone about what is netcentric.

But, we have to ask ourselves first, do we, as a netcentric's student really understands netcentric?
If someone asking me the same question, I'll surely be like..
"Netcentric?.. Don't ask me", "Hmm.. It's kind of a study about system + web + networking", "If you want the answer, please wait until i can get an A+ in this subject without cheating".
Those will be my answers.

Yes, until now, i never understands netcentric. This subject's requirement is to know JAVA programming language which we already learned before in Diploma.
I hardly get the idea and structure of JAVA since I started to learn it. Then, how am I supposed to get to know Netcentric?

The problem is, I never like programming since the first semester in Diploma and I can't even plant the interest in me until now!


I seek others when there is an assignment because i can't do it myself. Poor me..=(

I can get my whole body dirty with oily engine parts, mechanical things, in a messy workshop and still loving it, but not a clean fingers on a computer's keyboard.

Unwilling Tortured Soul

Hari Malaysia?.. Holiday!

Malaysia Day is held on September 16 every year to celebrate the joining of Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia. Since 2012, this date had been announced as a public holiday for every state in Malaysia. For this year, the date is on Sunday and the public holiday has been brought to Monday and as far as i know, it was exceptional for Kedah and Kelantan because their Sunday is considered as a working day.

So, the question is, what did I do on that day?.. Am I celebrating it?.. Do I know the history behind the date?.. Sincerely, I barely know the historical details of Hari Malaysia. So, it seems to me that it was just another plain and less meaningful public holiday of the year. Haha!.. I'm just being extra excited because we were not having any class on Monday. It's like having TWO SUNDAY in a week!..XD

As usual, I woke up late on public holiday. It was 10.00 in the morning and I hardly wanted to wake up.

At about 2.00 p.m, I got an SMS from my friend, PALI..
"Woi! kemon la.. kalo ikut kalendar barat, pagi die smpai 11.59 je.. ko punye pagi smpai mampos!.. Kemain susah nk mengangkat fon.. ltk dlm peti sejuk ke?!.. Jom r KAROK lagu 1 Malaysia sempena Hari Malaysia yg tercinte ini.. haha!"

 At last, me and 3 of my friends decided to watch a movie at Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

We were having hard and funny time in choosing a movie and we all agreed to watch a film entitled THE WATCH! and we didn't even know what story is it about in the first place. We just chose it based on the poster and also because of Ben Stiller. Here I attached the trailer of the movie..

This movie is actually not suitable for us, because it is full of 18SX jokes and humour, but to be honest, it was EXTREMELY FUNNY!.. HAHA!.. We continued to laugh even after it ended!.. HAHAHA!.. Watch it at your own risk..=P 

Then, we hang out at Shah Alam, wandering around Dataran, enjoying the view and returned home late at night. 

At the end of the day, i never knew the true meaning of Hari Malaysia. However, I experienced most of my day with my best friends and that is to me, the most valuable moments to be remembered.

-They are my 'Hari Malaysia', WE unite to form US-