Sunday, 2 December 2012

Like it or not.. It's ME!

Hello everyone!.. =D
This time, i would like to share something.. No more frustrating post.. =P


A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time. Everyone has their very own hobby, as for me, I prefer collecting diecast car models and to be more specific : 

I collected them since I was a little.
What makes me interested in them is the details of the workmanship on the car scales. 

CHILDISH?.. then explain to me, how a rare hotwheels with a value of > RM200 can be childish?
and how childish a 40 years old man with a room full of hotwheels can be?

But still i do not own those rare ones.. =P
Let me show you some of my babies..

these are some of it.. there were 3 more missing because i misplaced it.. later i find.. haha.. 
and there will be more to come.. I hunt for them once in a month.. for now, my hunting will be for the CUSTOM MADE HOTWHEELS like in the pic below : 

Each of these costs me about RM35 to RM60.. It is quite pricey but worth the buy.. =D

Rejected Again??

It has been a while since my last update.. =P
and now is the time..
november is kind of frustrating to me..
problems kept coming and neither 1 of them solved.. =(
the other thing continuously kept coming is ASSIGNMENT..
it tortures me to think that i have to go on doing something i don't like.. i'm actually tired of it but i have to.. i never get myself to have interest into CS231 Netcentric Computing and to be more specific, PROGRAMMING!
it doesn't matter to me whether it is Java, XML, C++ or whatever.. I HATE PROGRAMMING! 
i took this program because i thought i could run from programming.. all i got is regret..

 2 weeks ago, my group's project progress is rejected again and thus, no marks given.. we blacked out.. i have nothing to see in the future of using Netbeans throughout our project. This is all &%@&RX#!!!.. Another frustration!!

Last week we decided to change the whole thing and started using Ruby on Rails.. Thanks to Wan Ahmad Shah and Shaheer Iqmal who was willing to teach us how to use ruby.. 

and for now, i hope madam can accept it.. hopefully..