Sunday, 7 October 2012

Internet or internet?

Hello everyone, this post is kinda late but at least better late than never right?.. Hehe.. Ask yourself, do you ever care about the difference between Internet and internet?.. No?.. Never?.. Try to care and be unique!.. What i meant by 'unique' is to be the one who knows how to differentiate the internet from Internet. Not everyone knows right?..RIght?..RIGHT?!..

Basically, internet with i is a network of networks like LAN. Gamers will be quite familiar with this (LAN) term. For example, if you are having a LAN connection and had a bunch of PCs connected together and all playing in the same game together, that is internet.

From what I understands, Internet with CAPITAL I, is the global network connected internationally. It is a large scale implementation of an internet and consist of many networks of internet.

An internet.The Internet. It is as simple as that. =)